10 Nursery Rhyme Themes For Your Baby Nursery


Are you looking for a theme for your upcoming baby nursery?  We have 10 ideas that will help you dream up some great baby room themes.

We love using nursery rhymes as baby room themes.  They’ve been around for generations, being shared from parent to baby.

These fun little rhymes are a delightful way to bring charm, fun and fantasy into your baby's room.  We think they are more suited for baby rooms’ than the latest Star War’s or other mega hit movie.


You’ll find that there are literally hundreds of nursery rhymes to choose from which give you limitless possibilities for your nursery décor. 

Nursery Rhyme Themes Can…..

* Be gender specific letting you design a special room for a baby boy or girl

* Gender neutral, allowing the baby room to be used for future little ones no matter what

* Be soft and subtle or bold and bright, reflecting the personality of you and your family

* Create a space that will grow with your newborn as they grow, no need to redecorate as they grow from infant to toddler to preschool

* Create a room ready to stimulate early learning for your little one by encompassing rhymes, characters and color into your design

Nursery Rhyme Themes For A Baby Boy

Do you like bright colors and lots of action?  How about a room centered around animals or undersea creatures?  Perhaps you have a fondness for boats or teddy bears.

It’s easy to find nursery rhymes that fit any of the above or more for a little baby boy’s room.

Here are some ideas for incorporating nursery rhymes for a baby boy nursery.

1.     A Jungle Song

·      Create a jungle theme with neutral browns and beiges

·      Highlight with scrumptious greens for a lush jungle feel

·      Incorporate jungle animals from the rhyme with stuffed animals

·      Cover a wall with a forest of thick trees with elephants peeking from behind giant leaves or monkeys swinging from vines

·      Add a mobile with elephants, tigers, giraffes or other jungle creatures

2.     Five Wooly Mammoths  

·      Cover your floor with green carpet and soft green walls to reflect the hills and vales that the dinosaurs trudged through

·      A selection of colorful stuffed dinosaurs scattered around the room 

·      A lush thicket of trees and bushes painted on the walls

·      Or perhaps a mountain with a volcano at the top on one wall

3.     Five Little Monkeys

·      Use shades of green and yellow on the walls

·      Browns work wonderfully with this theme as floor covering

·      Create a jungle scene on the walls with monkeys swinging from vines

·      Stuffed monkeys sitting around the room

·      A mobile of various monkeys swinging

4.     Little Blue Whale

·      Create the fresh feel of the sea with blue carpeting and soft blue walls

·      Floors of blue or a soft sandy color to represent the sea bottom

·      Float soft fluffy white clouds on the walls or ceiling

·      Crisp white curtains or shades will add to the nautical feel of the room

·      Add a sail from the ceiling to the corner of the room to represent a sailing ship

Nursery Rhyme Themes For A Baby Girl

Are you expecting a beautiful little girl to arrive?  There are plenty of nursery rhymes to create a wonderland for your little sweetheart.

We tend to think of little girl rooms as pretty and flowery or even with a princess theme.

We certainly can find rhymes to fit those visions……

1.     There Was A Princess

·      Purple represents royalty, so go ahead and splash this luxurious color around on walls, floors, or as great accents

·      Add a mural of the perfect princess castle to a wall

·      Crowns and tiaras in a delightful wallpaper print to tie it all together.

·      Hang a beautiful chandelier rather than a typical bedroom light fixture

2.     Pretty Mermaid

·      Aqua blue walls or flooring to inspire visions of sparkling underwater castles

·      Pictures of beautiful sea life hanging on the walls

·      A mural of an underwater scene

·      A mobile of fun, brightly colored fish

3.     Gentle Giraffe 

·      Giraffes are delightful jungle creatures with their graceful legs and neck suitable for a little girl

·      Lush green flooring and/or walls to create a cool jungle feel

·      Stuffed giraffes in various sizes around the room

·      Framed pictures of tropical vegetation

4.     Found A Feather

·      Colorful feather images framed and hung around the room

·      Colors of soft pinks, blues, oranges for the walls or floor

·      Birds of various colors

·      Or perhaps delightful ladies hats with fabulous plumes of feathers

Nursery Rhyme Themes For A Gender Neutral Nursery

There are those who choose not to find out ahead of time the gender of their baby.  This makes it a bit exciting wondering whether you are blessed with a rambunctious little guy or a sweet little girl.

Planning your nursery for either gender can still create a delightful and welcoming baby room.

Here are a couple of gender neutral nursery rhyme themes to consider.

1.     One Elephant Went Out To Play

·      Elephants are universally adored by boys and girls

·      Stuffed elephants in various sizes and colors

·      Neutral walls in pale green or buttercream yellow

·      Beige floors or a soft light green

·      Jungle themed murals or framed pictures

·      Or circus themed murals or framed pictures

1.     ABC’s

·      The alphabet in block letters across the walls

·      Spell out your little one’s name in letters that you hang on the wall

·      Walls in soft blue, creamy yellow, beige, soft green

·      Add splashes of color with an area rug

·      Pillows in the shapes of letters

Nursery rhymes can be used for an unending list of themes for a special baby room.  If you have a favorite rhyme from your childhood, use it to share those special memories with your little one.

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We would love to hear how your nursery room planning is going.  Did you choose a nursery rhyme theme?  Tell us about it below.


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