Fun bright colors with little mermaids
Fun bright colors with little mermaids

Accent Pillow - Pretty Mermaid

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Handcrafted Rag Quilt Pillow
Style: Pretty Mermaid
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High Quality Cotton Fabrics

Our rag quilt pillow is created from 100% cotton fabric prints and flannels.  The print pillow fronts are hand cut 8" squares layered and quilted with an X, then sewn together with the seams exposed.  Once assembled with a soft cotton back, the exposed seams are hand snipped to start the ragging process. 

Ideal Size

Our pillows are perfect for that added touch to your nursery or toddler's room.  Each one is 12" X 12", just right to sit in a rocker, on a dresser or a toddler's bed.


Cotton fabric is hypoallergenic, rarely does it cause an allergic reaction, making it the perfect material for your little one.  Cotton is highly recommended for babies to protect their tender skin from irritation and rashes.

The pillow insert is a Dupont denier 7 hypoallergenic fiberfill.  Therefore, you should have no worries about stirring up allergies for your little one.

Easy Care

Our pillows are machine washable and dryable.

Creative Designs

Each rag quilt pillow is an exclusive creation.  Most pillows have a coordinating rag quilt that creates a delightful set for your child's room.  Be sure to check our quilt selection for a coordinating baby blanket.

Unique Baby Gift

Our handcrafted decorative pillow guarantees you will have a special baby gift.  One of the best features about our rag quilt pillows is that they are each unique in their colors, prints and designs.  What could be better than giving an exclusively designed treasure?

Baby Safety

Quilted Rhymes is not responsible for injuries incurred while using our items.  Be sure to always observe SIDS safety sleep standards with any item you give your child.

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