11 Reasons Cotton Is The Best Fabric For Your Baby

Babies and toddlers have tender delicate skin that can be susceptible to irritations, rashes and allergic reactions.  As moms, we want to be sure we are using products that are made from materials that don’t cause problems for our babies and toddlers.  

We also would like to have fabrics that are easy to care for, launder nicely and don’t require a lot of upkeep.  After all, with little ones around our time and energy is precious.

There are a lot of fabric choices from cotton to polyester to blends for our baby’s blankets, clothing and other products.  We want to chat about natural cotton and some of the reasons you’ll find it’s the best fabric for your baby.

Cotton fabric has a laundry list (pun intended) of reasons it’s the best choice not only for your little one, but for the entire family.  So let’s just start with the laundry shall we?

Easy Care Cotton

1.  Cotton is a durable natural fiber, allowing it to hold up through all sorts of baby incidents. Whether that’s spilled milk, baby food or grunge from being dragged through the house, yard or playground.

2.  Cotton is easier to clean than most fabrics.  It releases dirt and grime easily, making it unnecessary to use harsh soaps and chemicals when laundering. Therefore, no harsh chemical residue on your baby’s blankets, burp cloths or clothing to irritate skin, eyes, tongues, or any other part.

3.  Cotton is machine washable and dryable, no dry cleaning necessary.  Cotton fabric can even handle hot water and higher dryer temperatures.  As a matter of fact, cotton is the only fabric that is stronger wet than dry.  So frequent washings won’t hurt it.  We all know that baby things tend to need frequent laundering with all that baby fun and frolic.

4.  Cotton doesn’t retain odors like oil-based fabrics, (think polyester).  So if you don’t get that blanket or burp cloth washed right away, chances are no one will notice any stinky baby smells.

A Natural Plant Fabric

5.   Cotton is a natural plant fabric, no fake threads, plastic parts, or synthetic oils are included in the fabric.  Nor are chemicals used for finishing treatments.  Synthetic fabrics on the other hand are often oil based materials and treated with chemicals to create a finish on the final product.

6.  Cotton is a renewable source of material and biodegradable.  Did you know it only takes about 6 months for cotton fabric to decompose?  On the other hand, synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester and spandex can take up to 200 years to decompose.

7.  Cotton is hypoallergenic – that’s a big word that means cotton rarely ever causes any sort of allergic reaction.  This means no itching, scratching, or ugly redness on your precious little one’s skin.  At least not from the cotton fabric.  Because cotton is non allergenic, it is used for medical bandages and gauze.

8.  Cotton is soft, therefore, easy on your little one’s tender skin.  Cotton grows softer too as it is worn and laundered.  We all love having soft cozy fabrics next to our skin.  Well babies do too.

Comfortable No Matter What Season

9.  Cotton is the perfect all weather fabric due to its breathability.  Cotton moves moisture away from little bodies keeping it from building up between your baby’s skin and the cotton fabric.  Did you know that cotton can actually absorb up to one fifth of its weight in water before even feeling the slightest bit damp? Once cotton moves the moisture from the body, the moisture simply evaporates, allowing one to feel cooler.  This explains why cotton feels so much cooler to us in the summertime than other fabrics.

10.  Cotton has a great thermal insulating effect that allows it to keep one feeling warmer in the winter.  Cotton has many fibers that trap air between the body and the cotton material.  The fabrics thermal insulating effect can warm up this layer of air to keep one toasty or allow the air to flow freely to keep one cool.  This amazing fabric is wonderful all year no matter the temperature.

11.  Cotton is static free.  Yep, you read that right.  Cotton is simply incapable of holding an electric charge.  Therefore, there are no sudden little shocks when it’s cool and dry in the house to startle and sting your little one.  Or yourself, for that matter.

The Natural Choice

Cotton is the number one fabric preferred by doctors for babies and toddlers. By selecting cotton materials for your little ones, you know that you have made a great choice.

Today’s busy mom’s need all the little advantages they can find to make their lives a little easier.  For all the reasons listed above, products made with natural cotton fabric for use in your household, help smooth a few of the day’s stress points.

Choosing cotton not only is great for your family, it’s great for the world around you.

Made with 100% Cotton Fabrics

At Quilted Rhymes, all our baby products are handcrafted with 100% cotton and cotton flannel fabrics in carefully selected coordinating prints.  We even use cotton threads.

Our blankets are made by layering hand cut cotton squares, creating a lightweight quilt perfect for babies and toddlers.  These rag quilts are not heavy, which allows your little one to have a comfortable sleep.  Our lightweight cotton baby rag quilts are the perfect blanket year round.

Quilted Rhymes baby quilts are a great size for use as a stroller blanket, car seat blanket or for floor play.  These baby quilts are just the right size and lightweight enough to grow with your little one to become their favorite “blankie”.  For many toddlers, there’s nothing better and more comforting than their favorite baby blanket.

We invite you to stop in and check out our lovingly handcrafted cotton baby quilts and coordinating products.


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