Five Character Themed Baby Nursery Ideas

We have been discussing baby room themes in a series of articles.  We discussed designing a baby room themed by gender, color, or nursery rhyme.  Another way to approach designing your baby nursery is to choose a favorite character.  Characters can be found in children's book, movies and television shows.

Animal Themes

An animal theme could be as simple as a favorite pet.  Puppies, kittens, turtles or other baby animals can adorn the room in pictures, stuffed animals or bedding.

An animal is an easy character theme especially when choosing a baby animal.  Many baby products for nursery rooms will use these adorable characters.

If domesticated animals are not your favorite, try a jungle theme.  Monkeys, bears, giraffes or elephants are delightful characters for a baby room.  Paint a mural of large trees with monkeys swinging from vines or giraffes nibbling from tree tops.

Movie Character Themes

Do you love lions, tigers or bears?  Oh My!  Maybe you are a Wizard of Oz fan.  The yellow brick road could be stenciled on the floor and up the walls leading to the magical Land of Oz.

The delightful characters of Dorothy, the Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion and of course Toto could bring a sense of play and magic into to the room.  Just leave out the flying monkeys and the wicked witch.

Hot air balloons can be painted on the wall or as a mobile above the crib.  Frame a print out of the famous words from "Over the Rainbow" to bring inspiration to the roon.

Perhaps you're a Harry Potter fan and hope to raise your little one to love those delightful stories as well.  Magic can be scattered all around a nursery with whimsical scenes on the walls.  

Place stars upon the ceiling that glow at night to bring a sense of wonder into the room.

A mobile of anique keys can tinkle as they move gently hanging from a magic wand.

Disney Character Themes

Or perhaps you are a Disney fan.  There are so many possibilities within the wonderful world of Disney to bring fantasy and charm to a baby nursery.

Winnie the Pooh is always a favorite for a nursery.  Pooh and his friends are such delightful characters.  Eeyore, Tigger, Pooh and Christopher Robin have been childhood favorites for a very long time.

And don't forget to have Pooh words of wisdom in the room.  Whether they are hand painted on the wall or framed in a delightful Pooh style frame.

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Winne the Pooh

Be sure to have Winnie the Pooh books on your baby libary shelf for bedtime reading.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck could be delightful for a boy/girl twin nursery.  There is no end to the room decor that can be found around these famous pairs.  Can't you just see a red with white polka dot crib skirt?

Disney Princesses come in an array of personalities.  From the beautiful Belle to the free spirited Pocahontas.  Any of the princessess are perfect for a baby girl.  

A beaurtiful princess castle on the wall.  A tiara mounted over the crib.  Flowers in beautiful pinks and purples (the best royal color) can be seen in bedding, curtains and hand painted furniture.

Perhaps you have a rough and ready bouncing boy that Peter Pan and his friends would delight in flight about the nursery.  A pirate ship and an alligator or twoo can bring a sense of adventure. 

Characters hanging from the ceiling that move with a breeze from the window can cause quite the giggling from little fans.

You could even place a sticker of Peter Pan's shadow on the wall.

And let's not forget Tinker Bell.  A flickering nightlight could easily be the little fairy herself.

Cartoon Character Themes

Children love cartoons!  Secretly we adults have favorite cartoon characters ourselves.  Mine is Bugs Bunny, oops, showing my age a little.

Looney Tunes characters with Daffy Duck, Tom and Jerry, Road Runner and Tweety Bird are some of the most classic cartoon characters.  There are even baby versions of these delightful cartoon friends.

Unicorns are a favorite for baby girls.   These mystical creatures bring to mind colorful rainbows across the wall or hanging from a mobile.  Paint a unicorn on a plain lampshade to light up her eyes.

A unicorn hobby horse can be her very first "pony".

Superhero Character Themes

Superhero's are everywhere with the expolosion fo the Marvel and DC comic book characters.  They come in every shape, size and gender to give you a wide selection to choose from for a baby boy or baby girl nursery.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America and so many I can't list them all here.  Rooms decorated for superheros tend to use bright primary colors.  Be cautious to not overload the room with those colors, but use them as accents throughout the room.

There are endless possibilities for a character themed nursery.  The difficulty comes in deciding which character(s) you want to design your baby room around.

Accessories can be found or made for table top lamps, mobiles, murals, book/toy shelves, furniture, rugs and toys.

Check out our selection of baby rag quilts.  While they are themed after a nursery rhyme, many of our quilts and pillows fit into the various character themes.  

We will even create the perfect baby quilt for you and your nursery.  We have done a number of themed character quilts such as Puppies, Disney Princesses, Peter Pan and Super Heros that you see pictured throughout the article.

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