How to Burp Your Baby

Babies need to burp in order to get irritating gas bubbles out of their tummies.  

You know how uncomfortable you feel when your tummy is just too full?  Same for that adorable little one you have. 

Releasing the gas bubbles helps to relieve that feeling of fullness before they reach that grumpy fussy stage.  

Burping your little one during and after feedings is the best way to relieve discomfort they may have from swallowing air while feeding.


Best Positions to Burp A Baby

There are several positions to place your baby in prior to burping them.  The key is to support them with your body and one arm/hand while leaving the other hand free to burp.  

Try each position to find the one that is the most comfortable for both of you.  If your little one is having difficulty burping in one of these positions, try another one.  

Sometimes it just isn’t easy to get those little gas bubbles to move to a position so that they come up and out the esophagus.

Over Your Shoulder – One of the nice things about this position is that it can be carried out whether you are sitting or standing or walking around.  

Simply lay your baby facing you, up over whichever should is the most comfortable for you. 

If you are sitting for this position, it may be beneficial to sit in a rocking chair.  

The slow gentle rocking may help those feisty little gas bubbles move out more quickly.

Place your hand under the baby to support its weight and allow him/her to rest against you.  

Your baby’s head should rest gently on your shoulder.

Sitting Up On Your Lap – While you are seated, sit your baby up on your lap either facing away from you or sitting sideways to you.  Lean your little one slightly forward while using your arm to support their body.   

Use your thumb and forefinger under their little head as support if they are not yet holding their head up on their own.

Across Your Lap – While you are seated with your feet placed firmly flat on the ground, place your baby face down across your lap.  

Be sure their tummy rests on one of your legs and their head, turned sideways, on your other leg.

Use one of your hands to secure your little one in place.

Walking – This position shouldn’t be used until your baby has good head control.  In the standing position, hold your little one upright facing away in front of you.  Feel free to stand or walk around while in this position.

Lying Down – If you happen to be feeding your little one lying down on the bed, you don’t have to get both of you up to burp.  While you are lying on your side, place your little one across your hip facing towards your backside.


Got The Position, Now What?

Now you have fed your little person, placed them in one of the positions above that seem to suit you both the best.  What do you do now?

First off, be sure that you are protecting your clothing.  

The best way to do this is with a burp cloth.  

A burp cloth can be draped across your shoulder, hip, arm or lap.  

You just never know when a wet burp, affectionately called an “erp” may occur.  

If you always use a burp cloth, clean up of a wet burp will be easy.

It simply never fails that an “erp” will occur soiling your clothing at the most inopportune times.  

So be sure to cover yourself as well as having the ability to capture and quickly clean up any spittle that occurs.

Secondly, use your free hand to gently ‘burp’ your baby.  This can be done by making gentle pats on the baby’s back.  

Don’t thump him/her like a drum, but use gently pats.  You are simply trying to urge those gas bubbles to move in their tummy so that they can escape up and out.

You can also use your free hand to rub your baby’s back in gentle circular movements.

Typically, a baby will burp in the first couple of minutes during the burping process.  

If you are unable to illicit a burp relatively quickly, your baby simply may not be ready yet. 

If he/she appears to be uncomfortable, squirmy and fussy, try one of the other positions.  Those gas bubbles can at times be tricky to get them to surface.  

Simply shifting that little one around may be all that’s needed to illicit that musical sound.

Don’t get overly concerned with the proper technique to burp your baby.  Go with what is the most comfortable for you.  

You’ll both get comfortable with the process and find your both pretty successful at releasing that air.


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