Perfect size for little one to carry wherever they go
Perfect size for little one to carry wherever they go

Lovey - Jungle Song Aqua

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Handcrafted Baby Lovey
Style: Jungle Song Aqua
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High Quality Cotton Fabrics

Created from 100% cotton fabric prints and flannels, three layers of fabric create a beautiful, cuddly lovey.  Each lovey is accented with multi-colored satin ribbons to add to the tactile enjoyment for your little one.


Ideal Size

Babies love having a smaller version of their favorite blanket for carrying around with them.  A lovey is easy for them to hold and rub between their fingers.  They often use a lovey to self soothe themselves when upset or tired. 



Cotton is hypoallergenic, rarely does it cause an allergic reaction, making it the perfect lovey fabric for your little one.  Cotton is highly recommended for babies to protect their tender skin from irritation and rashes.


Easy Care

Cotton is the only fabric that is stronger when wet than dry. So our baby loveys can take repeated laundering and still look fabulous! As a matter of fact, the more our rag quilt loveys are washed, the softer and more adorable they become. Those curly little seams you see there between the quilt squares actually get even curlier!


Unique Baby Gift

Our handcrafted baby rag quilt lovey guarantees you will have a special baby gift.  One of the best features about our baby quilts is that each is unique in their combination of colors, prints and designs.  What could be better than giving an exclusive designed treasure?

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