Quilted Rhymes Boutique

The story of Quilted Rhymes Boutique begins with two friends who have worked together on and off for years, raised children together and decided to create a handcrafted business together.  

Hi, I'm Donna and my bestie is Barbara.  We have been great friends for most of our adult lives.  We've laughed, cried, worked hard and shared many major life events.  We have worked in large corporations and small companies.  In the last few years, we have worked together to create our own little business.

I had created a website dedicated to sharing nursery rhymes for children.  Barbara, a talented seamstress, found a way to create and give unique baby quilts as baby shower gifts.  

One day while talking about our two hobbies, we came up with the idea of creating handcrafted baby blankets and other accessories all themed on children's rhymes and songs.

Quilted Rhymes was born out of our desire to share quality handcrafted children's products.  We started with our family and friends, creating custom baby rag quilts and burp cloths for their precious little ones.  From there, we decided to expand and share our treasures with other new parents that cherished our same values.

We value handcrafted gifts, natural fabrics, creative design and a love for children.  We believe the world is a cherished place to live and feel it's important to do what we can to improve it's well being.  We use only natural materials in our products.  We don't believe in waste, therefore, any fabric scraps that are left from any of our creations are donated to a group of quilters.  Even those odd cotton scraps that we can't use are going into another quilt for someone else.  All these values are instilled into each and every product we create. 

We wish you many pleasures as a parent and hope we can add a little touch of love to your baby memories!