Tie to crib, stroller, car seat. wherever you need extra pacis
Tie to crib, stroller, car seat. wherever you need extra pacis

Pacifier Holder - Friends Are Special Yellow

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Handcrafted Pacifier Holder
Style: Friends Are Special Yellow
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High Quality Cotton Fabrics

Created from 100% cotton fabric prints and flannels, the pacifier pouch is fully lined with cotton flannel.  The cotton flannel helps hold the pacifiers in place till you need one. 


Ideal Size

Our helpful pacifier bags measure 7.5" x 5.5" with an extra wide opening, making it easy to reach in and grab a paci to soothe that tearful little one.



Cotton fabric is hypoallergenic, rarely does it cause an allergic reaction, making it the perfect material for your little one.  Cotton is highly recommended for babies to protect their tender skin from irritation and rashes.


Easy Care

Our pacifier bags are easy to care for by simply machine washing and drying on medium heat.  They can take repeated laundering and still look fabulous!


Creative Designs

There's nothing like fumbling around in the middle of the night in a dark nursery trying to find your little one's pacifier that they lost while sleeping. 

Hence, the need for our one of a kind pacifier holder!  Simply tie our pacifier pouch to the top rail of your crib.  This great little bag can easily hold 4-6 extra pacifiers!

A colorful ribbon is sewn into each one to make it easy to tie your binky bag to the crib, changing table, car seat, stroller, baby carrier or even a handy door knob.  Tie one wherever you may need quick easy access to your little ones favorite binky.

Our colorful bag can even grow with your little one to become their Tooth Fairy Bag.  Just tie it to their bedpost and tuck that little lost tooth inside.  This keeps the Tooth Fairy from fumbling around under the pillow and waking them up.


There's plenty of room to even tuck in a special note from the Tooth Fairy to really make your child's day!

Unique Baby Gift

Our handcrafted pacifier holder guarantees you will have a special baby gift.  Each of our pacifier bags is unique in their colors, prints and designs.  

What could be better than giving an exclusively designed treasure?

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