Planning Your Baby Nursery


Bringing home a newborn baby has to be one of the most thrilling things you will do in your lifetime.  You’ve been waiting a long time for this special moment, when you’ll introduce that sweet little bundle to his or her new home.

Having a very special baby nursery room designed just for your newborn will make this special event even more wonderful.


Designing your newborn baby nursery can be one of the most enjoyable activities when preparing for your little one.  Your style will be reflected in every little detail from the color to the furniture.

Decisions like:

·    How each corner will be used

·    Use a rocking chair or glider for quiet moments cuddled together

·    Storage with novelty chests or a stack of drawers

·    Where to position the crib and what style crib you want to have in the room

·    Shade, blinds or curtains or some combination to let the morning sun in or  darken the room for naps

·    Hardwood, area rugs or carpet on the floor

·    What color to paint the walls

·   What type of lighting to have in the room

·    Will you have a specific theme like woodland creatures, nautical or fairy   princess

·     What about a reading nook or book cases to stash those special books for pre-    bedtime reading

Not only do you want your nursery to be functional, you also want it to be warm, comforting and pleasing to the senses.  Most importantly it should be fun for you and your little one.

After all this is a space that you and your baby will spend quite a bit of time over the next few years.  You’ll want your newborn baby nursery to be that special sanctuary for the both of you to spend time together.

Planning The Baby Room

Preparing your baby room can be a lot of fun.  A great way to get your thought’s organized is to start a notebook of ideas.  I like to do this when planning or redecorating a room.

This way you can capture thoughts about the room, plan a budget, make a check list of what items you need and set a timeline for getting everything done in plenty of time.

One idea to use in gathering your thoughts in your notebook is to cut out pictures from magazines of nurseries you like and glue them into pages of your notebook.

Pinterest is another great place to gather images of baby room ideas that you find appealing.  

Check out our Pinterest page here to see some of our favorite nursery themes.

Draft a floor plan in your notebook with the wall measurements, doors and windows.  If you find a piece of furniture you like, be sure to write down its dimensions in your notebook.  

If you have a picture, be sure to put that in your notebook as well.  Having all this information at your fingertips will help you determine how well a piece of furniture will fit in your plan for your nursery.


You might surprise yourself with what you like or how you can adapt a particular look or feel for your baby room. 

Gather as many ideas as sparks your interest.  They can be as far-fetched as your imagination will go.  As you collect these different ideas, colors, styles and such, you’ll start to see particular baby room theme ideas coming together.

You may have thought that you love primary bright colors in a baby room.  But as you go through the idea collection process, you determine you really love soft pastels or neutrals.

Storage for clothes, books, toys and all that other baby equipment can come in so many shapes and sizes.  Open shelfs, dressers, trunks, baskets under a changing table are just some of the options you may come across in your designing journey.

Do you like contemporary style furniture or are you more whimsical in your vision?  Try different looks in your plan and soon you’ll feel what is right for your newborn’s nursery.

Lighting is a big piece of your theme.  Do you want overhead lighting?  Or perhaps you’re happier with subtle lighting from a couple of well positioned lamps.

Baby wall décor in the way of murals, photos, framed prints or simple lettering can really pull together your total baby room theme. 

And then there is always the crib bedding.  Dust ruffles, crib sheets and baby blankets.  The baby crib tends to be the central point of a nursery.  Show off this important piece of baby room furniture with colors and prints that tie together all the design pieces of your nursery theme.

In short, pay attention to colors, style of furniture, lighting, wall décor and crib bedding. 

If something catches your attention, put it in your notebook or Pinterest board.  You never know when you’ll stumble upon the perfect nursery theme, color, baby crib, flooring or light fixture.

Sit with these ideas, change them up, then remove the ideas that just don’t feel quite right.  Eventually, you’ll know which ones really feel like the perfect baby room to you.

Designing your newborn nursery is the beginning of a beautiful time in your family’s life.  Take your time, enjoy the journey, trust that you will create the perfect baby room for your little one.

We’d love for you to share your ideas and finished baby rooms with us!

Donna & Barbara
Quilted Rhymes 
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